Trend 1

Promotion starts with a professional promotion plan

It all starts with a plan
The best promotion of your business starts with a well-written promotion plan. This plan will provide a firm basis for the professional, effective promotion of your business. Advanced planning will give you a better overview and your promotion will be more efficient and less expensive.

The promotion plan
Instead of having one promotional action followed by another, a good plan provides you with a solid framework and contains descriptions of target groups, targets, resources and budgets. Download the step-by-step guide here.

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Trend 2

Social media is being used more and more successfully to promote business

Social Media
Discover Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, You Tube and Flickr. Social media makes it possible to easily reach large groups of people, and is not expensive. Messages and images concerning activities, new beers, meals, special offers and other news can be sent out as often as you’d like.

Sharing information
Consumers are critical. They will also be critical about your messages on the social media. Sending only commercial messages will not be appreciated. The use of social media is mainly about sharing information about your outlet. If you do that well, your customers will certainly feel more involved.

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Trend 3

Traffic to your website can be generated through search engines

Mirror of the company
A website is the mirror of a company. A good website has the same atmosphere as the company it represents: it fits the concept, the customers as well as the staff. And – very importantly – on a good website there is direct access to information such as address, telephone number and opening hours.

Search Engine Optimisation
Many websites are found through search engines like Google and Yahoo. In general, most traffic to a website is generated this way. Therefore, many businesses try to influence traffic to their website by Search Engine Optimisation: improving the visibility of a website. 

Trend 4

A smart phone ‘app’ makes your business more visible

Smart phones and apps
Almost half of all mobile phones are smart phones (Ericsson 2013). Downloading applications – apps – for these phones is extremely popular. All sorts of apps are available. More and more outlets are having their own apps made, with which they can easily inform their customers on prices, the menu, activities, opening hours, etc.

Numerous possibilities
The possibilities of apps are growing rapidly. You can make a table reservation with an app; sometimes you can even choose the table itself. Via the app, digital coupons can be sent, events calendar made available and reservation made. Anything is possible: apps are really the tool of the future.

Trend 5

A happy customer is the best promotional tool

Word of mouth
Food and drink go hand in hand with experience and emotion. Anyone who feels good in your outlet will share this with others. Therefore, one of the best promotional tools is a happy customer. He or she will promote your business by word of mouth, one of the most important and credible ways of advertising your business.

Thanks to modern technology, word of mouth advertising is now extended with ‘word by phone advertising’. Guests will text, mail, tweet and send Facebook messages about anything they like – and don’t like. Many outlets anticipate this phenomenon on their website and social media.

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