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New Business

Start with the right documents, such as useful checklists, templates and insights

Downloads New Business
Our toolkit includes a set of practical documents to help you start up your business. Here you will find figures, checklists, templates and some calculation tools. 

» Market insights
» Outlet profiles
» Template business plan
» Tool financial plan
» Tool sales estimate
» Checklist for competitor analysis
» Checklist for inspiration tours
» Successful concept: Belgian Beer Cafe
» Successful concept: Vapiano
» Performance tracking
» Hints & tips for new business

Beer experience

Turn beer into an experience that your customers will love...

Downloads beer experience
Discover checklists, templates and information about the knowledge of beer: history, myths, tasting, food pairing, etc. Download them for your own use.

» History of beer 
» Beer ingredients 
» Brewing process 
» Beer types 
» Glassware 
» Tasting notes Pils 
» Tasting notes Brown Ale 
» Tasting notes Weissbier 
» Beer tasting toolkit 
» Beer menus 
» Food pairing 
» Market insights 
» Myths about beer 
» Hints & tips about beer experience 
» Product details of your AB InBev beers 

Active selling

Learn how to drive your customers towards high margin products

Toolkits active selling
Looking for some simple ways to implement active selling in your outlet? Download our free toolkits and make the most of every business opportunity.

» Latest trends
» Hints & tips


Attract new customers through good promotion

Downloads promotion
We have assembled a practical toolkit for promoting your business! It contains checklists, templates, and planning schemes. It’s all there! Download the toolkit and print it for your own use.

» Promoplan 
» Social media 
» Free publicity 
» Hints & tips 


An exceptional beer experience requires high quality standards

Downloads quality
We have assembled a practical toolkit about how to maintain a high quality of the beer you sell. It contains checklists, working documents, and planning schemes. Download the toolkit, print it, and use it with your staff.

» Impact of quality 
» Top-10 tips 
» Keg set-up 
» Gas set-up 
» Cask set-up 
» Pouring ritual 
» Fobbing beer 
» Poor head 
» No flow 
» Poor flavour 
» Hints & tips 

Branded merchandise

Consumers’ drink choices are highly influenced by merchandising¹

Showing is selling
Using merchandising materials you can increase the visibility of products in your outlet, which will boost sales. An enormous range of materials is available, including drip mats, chalkboards, posters, glassware, etc. Buy your POS materials at Bar Supermarket using the links below:

» Merchandise Stella Artois
» Merchandise Stella Artois Cidre
» Merchandise Budweiser
» Merchandise Beck's
» Merchandise Bass
» Merchandise Boddingtons
» Merchandise Leffe
» Merchandise Hoegaarden
» Merchandise Löwenbräu
» Merchandise Brahma

¹ Milward Brown 2013

Product details

Your team needs to be able to give additional information about your beers' taste

Taste descriptions
In order to be able to sell your beers in the best possible way, your team needs to know what they sell and to be able to give additional information about the taste. You can influence that strongly by having your team taste the products on your menu and providing them with the following descriptions:

» Product specs Stella Artois
» Product specs Budweiser
» Product specs Beck's
» Product specs Bass
» Product specs Boddingtons
» Product specs Leffe
» Product specs Hoegaarden
» Product specs Cubanisto
» Product specs Franziskaner
» Product specs Belle-Vue
» Product specs Löwenbräu
» Product specs Brahma
» Product specs Stella Artois Cidre


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