Active selling


Trend 1

2 out of 3 consumers haven’t decided yet what they are going to order¹

What to drink?
Upon entering an on trade outlet, many consumers don’t know what they are going to eat or drink. In fact, 2 out of 3 beer drinkers haven’t decided yet on the brand that they will order¹. This offers a huge opportunity for businesses to drive them towards high margin products and improve their profitability. Are you up for the challenge?

Decision after arrival¹

Trend 2

Consumers’ drink choices are highly influenced by merchandising¹

Showing is selling
Because most people are visually oriented, one of the biggest consumer influencers is product visibility¹. As merchandise on eye level is most likely to be noticed, the most effective place and type of selling material for businesses depends on their type of outlet. Are most consumers are sitting or standing in the venue?

Hot zones
Sitting venues like food pubs, restaurants and lounge bars should focus on product visibility at the table and on the menu. For example using table tents, menu holders and coasters. In standing venues like pubs and clubs, merchandise materials at the (back) bar area work best, such as branded fonts, illuminated signs and fridge stickers.

Sitting venues                                              Standing venues

Trend 3

There are ways to drive beer sales with the help of the menu²

Impact of the menu
Researchers have recently studied over 600 different menus and their impact on the consumers’ order. They concluded that beer sales can be increased with the help of the menu². First of all, listings by flavour (e.g. crisp, fruity and roasted) help to differentiate between styles. 

Drawing attention
The featuring of logos, pack shots and product descriptions draws consumers’ attention. A perfectly poured beer in a branded glass works much more effective than a picture of a bottle. To optimise the opportunities for pairing food with a beer, pubs and restaurants could integrate combo deals and visuals in the food section.

Clear rules

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Trend 4

Half of consumers are open to suggestions made by on trade staff¹

Staff recommendation
Alongside merchandising, staff is key when it comes to active selling. Did you know that research shows that 1 out of 2 consumers are willing to order a specific beer brand if recommended by a server¹? In fact, 20% want staff to get involved in the order decision and help them to decide by providing multiple, but relevant options¹. 

Trend 5

Of all possible promotional options price reductions are most popular¹

Special offers
Another way to influence consumers’ choice in the on trade are promotions. Of all possible options, promotions related to price (i.e. price reductions) are most popular¹. More than half of consumers prefer that kind of offer. Also, they like to save for a free serving, or for free glassware¹.

Preferred kind of promotions¹

¹ Milward Brown 2013, ² Affinnova 2014