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Hints & tips

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Start with the basics – great hospitality

Some ground rules: everyone working in your team should always welcome guests, look at them, listen to them and be polite. Make sure your staff is aware of consumer body language and responds in an alert way – for example a certain hasty look at the bar, or a restless person at one of your tables. Also making small talk with your guests, in the right tone, with the right content and asking the right questions is key. The skills are all seemingly simple, but can have a major impact on your business. Consider training if you see one of your team members is lacking the right attitude or knowledge.


Improve your team’s product knowledge

In order to be able to sell your products in the best possible way, your team needs to know what they sell and to be able to give the right information about the products. You can influence that strongly by having your team taste the products and providing them with key product information. A tasting session works very well for this and also encourages team spirit. Your team gets to know the menu and the new drinks while having a good time. As a result, they will be much more natural and convincing when recommending drinks and food to your customers.

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Use effective selling techniques

Selling is easy if you know how. Research shows that guests actually want your staff to get involved in the drinking experience and help them by providing multiple relevant options (Milward Brown 2013). So, be confident and friendly, and start making good business by implementing one of the following techniques:

Up selling
The offering of a similar, more expensive product. Ask customers that order ‘a beer’, if they prefer a standard lager or a premium/speciality beer. Then ask if they prefer a small, medium or large serving.

Cross selling
Presenting a product that is complementary to the one they have ordered. If your customers order a beer, ask if they want finger food to go with the beers. Creating combo deals at a special price is very effective.

Alternative selling
The offering of a comparable product – preferably of higher quality – when the wanted product is no longer available. Not being able to order want they want may disappoint your customers and could even be qualified as bad service.


Use merchandise to show your offer

Using merchandising materials you can increase the visibility of products in your outlet. An enormous range of materials is available, including drip mats, chalkboards, posters, glassware, etc. The visibility of your beer brands is especially useful in the spots where your customers are most likely to see them: at the bar or on the tables. But you can also use other spaces to add visibility: display posters, flat-screens for promotional purposes, photos, paintings and other decorations that contain logos or nicely filled beer glasses. Make sure to display these materials at eye level, keeping both standing and sitting customers in mind. This way information can easily be seen and processed. Sales materials should always look fresh and attractive; replace them before they begin to appear worn. Avoid promoting too many brands at once; this will only confuse your customers.

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Boost product visibility with branded glassware

Branded glassware increases brand visibility in your outlet, which in its turn drives sales. Approximately 40% of consumers claim that attractive, branded glassware has a direct impact on their choice of beer (Milward Brown 2013). So having the right glasses gives you a powerful purchase influencer.

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Adapt the design of your menu

You can easily increase your sales with a little bit of help from the menu – by giving additional attention to beer or by suggesting a beer complementing each meal. The key outtakes of customer research regarding the ideal menu (Affinnova 2014):

  • Listings by flavour help to differentiate between styles
  • Logos, product descriptions and pack shots draw attention
  • Shots of perfectly served beer in a branded glass are preferred over a picture of a bottle
  • Promotional bursts to highlight a top food pairing facilitate consumers’ choice
  • By featuring beer with food you can drive increased purchase across the menu

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Increase your sales via promotions

Sales promotions add value for your customers and could boost your sales at the same time. Below you’ll find the most common type of promotions:

Price reductions
Promoting a product at a special price, working with introductory discounts for new products or offering a discount for large orders like ice buckets filled with beer bottles for sharing.

Combo deals
Offering a combination of products at a special price: for example a meal and a beer, two beers with some snacks for sharing, or a tasting menu of differing (speciality) beers.

Beer of the month
Selecting a different (speciality) beer per month and offering them at a special price. Consider including a seasonality beer linked to an event to kick off the promotion.

Beer flights
Presenting a menu of three beers delivered with three different appetizers, creating a mix and match of delicious flavour combinations.

Make sure you use your menu, chalk boards, table tents, posters and even your website and social media to communication your promotions.

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Treat your guests to a free sample of beer

Offer consumers a free sample if you want them to try a new beer that you just added to your menu. Or, if you have guests waiting to be seated at the bar, present them a sample-size welcome beer. This not only underlines your hospitality, chances are that they will re-order.


Offer large shareable bottles of beer

Sharing food like tapas is becoming extremely popular. Translate this to beer – and offer large shareable bottles of beer, and present them with enough glasses for the table. Use a tag around the neck of the bottle to give the flavour profile as well as some popular food pairing suggestions. 


Keep your team involved via meetings and incentives

Make sure to brief your team on your running promotions. This information should be a recurring item on the agenda of the team meeting, where you can also discuss the results of previous special offers and generate new ideas for future promotions. This often leads to more creativity and more commitment of your staff. To boost active selling even more, you could consider working with staff incentives. 

These tips are practical suggestions/recommendations on how to boost your profits. We make no statements on price – retail pricing is at the sole discretion of the customer. We also make no representations – promotional activity permitted by regulation/legislation may vary throughout the UK. We advise you to seek guidance on all applicable legislation and regulation to ensure you sell our products in accordance with the law and any licensing conditions.

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