Beer is a perishable product; make sure that it is always
stored in a cool, clean, dark, and dry environment in order to
guarantee the best quality.


Cellar Management


Order your beer in time and store it correctly

Order in time
Newly delivered beer – including bottled beer – needs sufficient time to reach the correct temperature and to settle. In the summer, keg beer may need three days to cool. And cask beer may take up to three days to condition and settle. So make sure that you never let your stock holding fall below three days of stock.

Store correctly
Never store beer where it can get too cold or too hot, and always organise your stock in such a way that the oldest products are used first. Make sure to check the date of the beer that you store. Never hold excessive stock of gas cylinders, and make sure that you have enough to dispense ten days of beer stock after delivery.


The perfect temperature of your beer is vital to pouring a perfect pint

Too hot or too cold
It is vital that the temperature of the beer is maintained at 11-13 degrees. When too warm, cask ale spoils quickly and will fob, ultimately causing flat beer. When too cold, cask ales can develop ‘chill haze’ and will take longer to ‘condition’. Keg beer will fob. In either case, flavour will be adversely affected and beer will be wasted.

How to handle it
To maintain the right temperature, you should provide ample, tidy and well-ventilated storage. Never turn off the cellar’s cooling system to save money; this will cost far more in wastage due to fobbing. Furthermore, top up the water level in the remote cooler and regularly check all other elements in your cooling system.


A clean and well-ventilated cellar is vital to the quality of your beer

Keep it clean
Good hygiene prevents the growth of wild yeast and bacteria, which cause waste and hazy, sour beer. Clean the cellar at least once a week – just before delivery – and keep a record of when it is cleaned and by whom. Also clean up any spillage immediately. Regularly clean the walls, ceilings, drains and sump pumps.

Keep it fresh
Poor ventilation can lead to the build-up of odours and stale air, which can spoil cask ale. Make sure that airshafts are clean. Let fresh air circulate in the cellar for ten minutes a day. When cleaning the floor, avoid using strong smelling disinfectants; their odour will spoil your cask products.

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