Leffe Blonde

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Leffe Blonde tastes delicious with red meat, sweet and sour dishes and white mould cheese

Smooth and elegant
This 6.6% blonde abbey beer has a splendidly smooth and elegant taste, enhancing the flavours of red meat, smoked salmon and sweet-and-sour dishes. French cheeses such as Brie or Roquefort, stuffed olives and Serrano ham also make delicious combinations with Leffe.

The best fit
Cloves and nutmeg naturally enhance the taste of Leffe Blond. Strong meaty tastes also complement this beer. Recipes that combine well with Leffe include salad with smoked chicken or fried bacon, baked coquilles with cured ham, and spicy Thai wok dishes with beef.


The bitter and refreshing taste of Leffe brings out the creaminess of the cheese

Fresh cheese

  • Leffe & fresh cheese, preserved tomatoes, basil and olive bread
  • Broccio, Brousse, Crémet, Fontainebleau
  • The dominant taste of milk and the spicy notes are in perfect harmony with a beer with floral and slightly acid aromas or a light, slightly bitter blond beer

Chef Hélène Darroze: “A characteristic feature of fresh cheeses is their mildness. Therefore they are best accompanied by a mild, slightly bitter beer that does not dominate the taste of the cheese. The bitterness of Leffe Blond adds some intensity to the tasting and brings out the creaminess of these cheeses.”


Ham rolls

With green asparagus and mozzarella and Leffe Blond

Abbey cheese croquettes

With pear syrup and Leffe Blond

Apple in the oven

With vanilla ice cream and Leffe Blond

Sweetbread glasses

With morel mushrooms and Leffe Blond

Baked herb-crusted scallops

With butter, lime sauce and ham and Leffe Blond

Mini quiches

With chestnuts and bacon and Leffe Blond


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